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Day 36 – Victor Harbor to Port Pirie

Monday 7 November 2011

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We left the caravan park just on 0700 and arrived in Port Pirie at about 1130 having driven just over 300 Km. Given that we travelled through the city of Adelaide from South to North at morning peak hour we made pretty good time. There was a stiff breeze and as always – in our face. One day I'll get lucky and find a tail wind.

We have a drive-through site and haven't even unhooked the rig as we're only staying the one night and have no reason to go into town. Might do a walk in there in the morning as we have only about two hours to travel to Whyalla. I'll see if I can restrain myself and hang around here until after 0900.

At about 1600 we were hit by a very strong gust which had many of us scrambling to stow our roll-out awnings. The temperature has dropped but the wind is rocking the caravan. Managed to take a few pictures from the back of the caravan park.

See you all tomorrow from Whyalla.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

The North Flinders Ranges
The Port Pirie grain silos

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Day 35 – Victor Harbor Last Day

Sunday 6 November 2011

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Final day here at Victor Harbor and the weather has decided to do an about-turn, quite chilly and the hint of rain early on. Most of the tents around us are being folded up and people are leaving.

We've decided to give the Patrol a long-overdue wash and spent the best part of half an hour at the local car-wash. We then topped off the fuel tanks and stocked up with essential provisions. We were back in the caravan park by lunch time.

Spent most of the afternoon reading and thinking about the remainder of our trip here in South Australia. We've re-worked our destinations and the durations, a few one-nighters in the smaller towns. I've also tried to calculate my refuelling points to try and reduce the number of times we may need to fill with the van attached. Some petrol stations don't cater too well for bigger rigs.

Watched a bloke pull in with a fifth-wheeler behind a Ford F250, he didn't have anywhere near the trouble I have getting it into place. I sometimes wonder if they are truck-drives by profession or if they've been at it for so long they've got good at it.

We've packed up our chairs and washed most of the bird droppings off the caravan where we could reach. As ready as we can be to head off for Port Pirie in the morning. Will write from there.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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Day 34 – Victor Harbor Farmer's Market

Saturday 5 November 2011

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The weather forecast is for a maximum of 34 °C today so we have no intention of doing anything too energetic. After breakfast we walked into town to visit the Farmer's Market. Not a huge number of stall holders but they are all fresh produce or locally produced food. Selections of breads, olive oils and cherry juice.

Got back to the caravan as the temperature started to climb. After lunch the high temperature was combined with a strong wind. Not a bit pleasant, so we shut up the van and turned on the air-conditioning.

Temperature reached or exceeded the prediction and tomorrow looks like being the same.

Throughout the afternoon there have been two ladies sitting outside their van next to ours who have talked non-stop in rather loud voices. Each alternately taking breath and maintaining a constant drone. They are speaking Dutch and it sounded like my mother!!!

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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Day 33 – Victor Harbor

Friday 4 November 2011

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Nothing to do and all day to do it in. The last of our mates left this morning. We took a quick drive into town for some minor items.

After lunch we observed the influx of about eight or ten tents being erected and dozens of people bringing a variety of sounds. Laughter, squeals and the tapping of hammers on tent-pegs.

The afternoon was quite hot and for once there was little or no wind. Late evening we drove out to the Bluff and climbed to the summit. A rough track but a spectacular view of Victor Harbor.

Nothing much to do tonight so early to bed.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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Day 32 – Victor Harbor & Hahndorf

Thursday 3 November 2011

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First task this morning was to swap out the power supply for the caravan house battery. It is located directly under where my head is when I'm in bed. I suspect the internal fan is about to give up and it was anoyingly noisy last night.

Four more of our mates left this morning and we're down to just three, both will leave tomorrow and we'll be here with just over 100 caravan club members due to arrive this Friday.

Spent most of the day in Hahndorf and had lunch at the Old Mill. A great range of food in the form of a buffet for just $17.50 (after Seniors discount). The town comprises a main street being one and a half kilometres of side by side retail, cafes and coffee shops.

A sweet old lady in an art shop took a shine to me and told me the following:

Some months ago, two young men were working at renovating one of the local stores. They were constantly being asked what range of goods would be sold in the new shop. Over a beer in the local, they decided that they'd make some outrages statement in reply to the next such question.
Next morning, a little old resident from the local retirement home asked the expected question. As planned the young workers said the shop would sell arseholes !! Without batting an eye, the little old lady replied, “The shop should do very well, already there's only two left.”

Obviously I though it good enough to repeat. Headed back home via Mount Barker and mutually agreed we certainly didn't need anything to eat for dinner. Very tired and looking forward to early bed.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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