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Day 26 – Victor Harbor Reunion Registration

Friday 28 October 2011

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Weather was fine when we awoke and we decided to take a walk along the bike path. Some very attractive public spaces, parks, playgrounds and BBQ facilities.

After an early lunch we packed the 55 Unit Merchandise and took it to the RSL where I hope to sell the bulk of it. Then stocked up for this evening's Banger Sanger BBQ and stashed the bangers in the fridge back at the RSL.

About 1400 the troops started arriving and things got quite busy. Jenny made the rounds renewing acquaintances and ensuring that the new-comers were introduced. A small team of local volunteers handed out ID badges and welcome packs. By about 1500 the hall was becoming well packed and the very substantial nibbles were plated and served. There's no question these were the most generous of any previous reunion.

Gradually the ladies withdrew to prepare for their dinner at the Anchorage. From all accounts they had a great meal and they must have enjoyed themselves as there was no sign of then until well after 2100.

Meanwhile back at the RSL there was still a lot of food left on the trays and I started to question the wisdom of planning a BBQ. I cooked the first batch of 24 sausages and tentitavely presented them to some of the old hands. All gone in no time at all.

A willing band of blokes pitched in and over the next hour we cooked 100 sausages, consumed a total of seven loaves of bread, dished up a fair chunk of my pre-prepared onions and made a decent hole in bottles of sauce. The take-home lesson is that the blokes will eat a Sanger Banger in preference to fancy food like dips, pate and other delicacies.

I'm still left with some sausages, sauce and onions but I'm sure I can dispose of them here in the caravan park.

Despite significant sales there was still a stack of merchandise that had to be back-loaded.

Drove back to the caravan and crashed. Will need to unpack and sort through the rubble in the morning – there are bits and pieces of stuff everywhere.

More tomorrow and perhaps some pictures.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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Day 25 – Back to Victor Harbor

Thursday 27 October 2011

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Woke up about 0630 and decided to hit the road before the 'morning rush'. Left the hotel just before 0700 and we were back at the caravan just after 0800 for breakfast.

There has been an influx of Reunion attendees and there must be over 20 of us here in the caravan park already. Very hard to even walk to the facilities without stopping for a lengthy chat.

A meeting in town to ensure the organisers had everything in hand and to ensure that I covered any outstanding aspects. All appears to be in hand with a trio of volunteers having assembled the flat-pack BBQ for my use on Friday evening.

Bought some onions for the BBQ and took them back to the caravan to peel and partly cook them to reduce the bulk. The cooking onions smelled so good we decided to have sausages, eggs, tomato and onion for tea. Tasted great.

It all kicks off tomorrow.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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Day 24 – Adelaide

Wednesday 26 October 2011

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Last night the wind was still flapping the awning so we decided to roll it up as we were to be away for the day.

After breakfast we headed into town to pick up the engraving we'd ordered. After that we headed into Adelaide. Very pleasant trip and experienced a traffic peculiarity for the first time. Approaching Adelaide from the South there is a section of 'express-way' which takes traffic Northward from 0200 to 1200, then closes for two hours and then reverses direction taking traffic South from 1400 to 2400.

The GPS had been programmed with the address of 215 South Tce, we were getting close to Adelaide and the GPS indicated over 7 Km to go. Something was wrong so we switched it off and resorted to the hard-copy street directory. Sure enough we'd almost travelled past our destination. There are at least 6 addresses of '215 South Tce' in the Adelaide area and the one programmed in was somewhere else.

Checked into the Country Comfort with no drama and we started walking into town around lunch-time. Reception at the hotel had pointed out an area near the Central Market which was designated as 'China-Town'. Found a great restaurant “Noodle Kingdom' where we had lunch. After consuming a huge bowl of noodle soup I made the mistake of ordering some form of 'sweet bun'. No detailed description, no indication of price – just no idea. It took a while before the waitress brought out bamboo steamer basket, I took off the lid and instead of the expected bun there were FOUR buns (huge dumplings). I ate one and decided I should ask for a doggy-bag for the other three. It tasted so good and I couldn't imagine what they would taste like if re-heated, so polished them off as well. No need for dinner tonight.

Strolled through the market and then hopped on the free tram to its terminus. Travelled back to the Rundle Mall and spent time wandering through this shopping 'Mecca'. Back onto the tram for a trip to South Tce and on to our hotel.

Left the hotel at 1800 and boarded the tram to the Entertainment Centre. Thousands of people (most of them of the female gender) from toddler to geriatrics like us. We were here to see the second Test of the Netball contest between the Australian Diamonds vs the New Zealand Silver Ferns. Our seats were at court level and just three rows in. Absolute prime seats.

The contest was fast and furious with the Ferns ahead by a goal or two for most of the match. The third quarter finished with the scores level. The final quarter was a nail-biter with the Diamonds holding a slender advantage finally running out winners by 7 goals.

We were part of a huge crowd on the tram and headed back to South Tce arriving at the hotel about 2130. Great weather, great day – best by far, so far.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony
Adelaide Central Market
Rundle Mall - Adelaide
The Diamonds Netball Team

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Day 23 – Victor Harbor

Tuesday 25 October 2011

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The rain ceased overnight but the strong winds persisted. After breakfast we braved the wind and walked into town where we dropped off the plaque to have it engraved. On the way back Jenny found a Salvo store while I found a bakery and very nice pasties. Called into a specialist small-goods butcher and lashed out on a chunk of liver-wurst.

Spent some time back at the van then went off to Cape Jervis where the Kangaroo Island Ferry departs from. The ferry was just ready to depart when we arrived there, lucky, as there can be two hours between sailings. We didn't even contemplate sailing on the ferry, concession fares are $76 per person return and our vehicle would cost another $180 for the return trip.

From Cape Jervis we drove to Normanville where we contacted Chris and arranged to drop in for a cuppa and a chat. She has a busy schedule ahead of her shepherding Bert, Darby and Jeff, I hope they don't wear her out.

The return trip to Victor Harbor was slow but very pretty as the road winds its way through a valley roughly following the course of the Inman River. Topped up with fuel and dropped into the RSL and met up with Dave. Followed his recommendation and bought some Fish and Chips, ate them parked within sight of the sea.

Back to the van and relieved to find it intact despite the constant buffeting from the Southerly winds. Off to Adelaide tomorrow and an overnight stay there. There will not be an update as a result.

Catch up again on Thursday.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony
Granite Island off Victor Harbor
Kangaroo Island ferry departing Cape Jervis
Chris's front garden.

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Day 22 – Murray Bridge to Victor Harbor

Monday 24 October 2011

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Despite our best intentions to delay our departure so that we didn't arrive too early at our destination, we left about 0815 because the wind was gaining strength and was blowing from where we were heading. We'd also intended to stop and look around Strathalbyn but the weather was so bad we weren't prepared to get drenched.

We arrived at Victor Harbor about 0945, a trip of only 100 Km through the worst wind and rain in the three weeks on the road. The caravan park is quite extensive and is well laid out. The facilities are quite modern and well maintained.

Quick trip into town, located the RSL for future reference and stock up on some essentials before returning to the caravan and bunkering down out of the wind. At one stage, Jenny thought she'd like to go for a short walk to see the ocean. That thought lasted all of five minutes. It just isn't nice out there.

Met up with a fellow 55 EWPS Veteran, Bill (Kenneth) Smith, he arrived here three days ago. We expect there to be many more over the next few days. Just hope the weather improves.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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