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Day 51 – Wangaratta

Tuesday 22 November 2011

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Woke up very late from the best night's sleep I've had in ages. Very cool, very quiet and possibly tired.

Visited the local textile outlet for curtaining material. The dimensions of the ready-made curtains didn't suit the sizes of our openings and the range of bulk material was very limited. We left there without making any purchases.

The weather was overcast and held a hint of rain so we were not enticed to spend time wandering around for too long.

Drove out to Markwood for a BBQ dinner with the Paolas. Their large covered outdoor area turned quite cold once the daylight faded so we finished off the evening indoors. Back to the caravan and too late to write the blog.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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Day 50 – Kerang to Wangaratta

Monday 21 November 2011

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Not that we had an intention of sleeping late, we were woken up at about 0530 by the raucous screeches of over 100 Corellas that had serenaded us last night. The trees along the river bank must have been their regular roosting place. They turned on an impressive display of formation flying as the sun was setting, before squabbling their way to their evening roosting.

So we were up and about quite early and took off for Wangaratta via Echuca, Shepparton and Benalla. Much cooler today, just a hint of breeze and light traffic made this leg of the trip quite pleasant. Arrived at the Painters Island Caravan Park just after 1000 and were told to take our pick of the sites. A vast difference to when we were here last when they needed a shoe-horn to fit us in.

After lunch, drove out to Markwood to visit the Paolas and stayed there for dinner. They are such a generous family we feel embarrassed to have so little to give them. It was well and truly dark by the time we got back to the caravan.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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Day 49 – Renmark to Kerang

Sunday 20 November 2011

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Up early and out the gate by 0630 (South Australia time) an impressive landscape of orchards, vineyards and crops. Drove into Victoria and on through Mildura and then crossed over to NSW and remembered to adjust to Eastern Time ( add 30 minutes). On the road to Euston saw a few groups of emus, looked like Dad and some juveniles, no photos, too hard to stop.

Crossed back into Victoria at Robinvale and started to feel the effects of the strong Southerly wind. Pushed on to Kerang and figured that 5 hrs 30 min on the road was enough. Pulled into the caravan park, unhooked and drove into town for some provisions – we had used up all fresh fruit before crossing into Victoria.

Kerang has an extensive shopping centre but there's not much activity on a Sunday Afternoon. We found a Safeway (Woolworths) supermarket and spent enough to qualify for a 15 cent discount on fuel. The strange thing is that the town doesn't have a Woolworths/Caltex fuel outlet, it does have a Coles/Shell gas station but no Coles supermarket. That IS strange !!

We're only here for the one night and intend to make Wangaratta tomorrow, about four days ahead of the original schedule.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

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Day 48 – Renmark

Saturday 19 November 2011

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What a difference this morning, cool, overcast, hint of rain and no wind to speak of. We decided to walk into town, took a few wrong turns and it took all of two hours to get back. After breakfast we sat and admired the ducks and spent some time trying to identify the two breeds here. Not easy when the light is not brilliant and the birds don't pose the same way the book illustrates them.

Mid morning we headed off to the two 'lookouts' identified in the local brochure. One overlooks the cliffs on the river and the other a general view of the orchards and vineyards that surround the town. We crossed the Murray on the Paringa Bridge which one of only a few that spans the Murray and has an opening section to permit river traffic.

On our way back to the caravan we came up on a number of young men who had just vacated the pool. Most were attired in just board-shorts with bare torsos, one of them looked familiar, even from behind. It must have been the dreadlocks and when he turned to face us we recognised that cheeky grin. Yes, Michael from the Renovators show. The things you see when you don't have a camera ready.

From lunch time on the rain, whilst not heavy, was constant and precluded any outdoor activity. We shut down as much of the van as we could and spent the afternoon indoors.

We're contemplating the prospect of curtailing our trip home and could well see us home four or five days sooner than planned. There is really no need for us to be out here and if the rain continues there's not a lot we can do anyway.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony

Renmark Hotel
Renmark Foreshore Fountains
One Breed of Duck
Another breek od Duck
Murray River Headings Cliffs
Paringa Bridge
Paringa Bridge Opening Section

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Day 47 – Port Pirie to Renmark

Friday 18 November 2011

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Left Port Pirie with the GPS programmed to guide us to Waikerie via Clare and Kapunda. All was well until we arrived in Kapunda, I had hoped we'd cut across to the Sturt Hwy, instead we found ourselves on the way to Morgan. Almost all the way to Kapunda had been through extensive cropping areas interspersed with large vineyards. I had hoped to see the area on the Northern edge of the Barossa Valley, the drive to Morgan was a bit disappointing. Jenny was pleased, we got to cross the Murray on a ferry at Cadell.

On arriving at Waikerie we were not impressed with the look of the caravan park and decided to press on to Renmark where we checked in for two nights at the Riverfront Holiday Park. It has to be one of the most extensive parks we've stayed at. At the reception desk we were served by a young lass, couldn't possibly be over 18. She quickly took my measure and assured me there'd be no domestics and if need be she'd guide me onto the site. Sense of humour, confidence and enthusiasm to burn, she should be cloned and sent to all caravan parks!!

Set up the camp with the temperature climbing to 39 °C. Not much point doing anything energetic until the weather cools off. Might go for a walk in the morning.

Along the way here we observed significant areas of crop that were BLACK. I stopped and took some pictures but I'm none the wiser. In the close-up I think I can see a pod, suggesting a legume of some description.

Stay well and travel safely.

Cheers … Tony
Mystery BLACK crop
Mystery BLACK crop
Duck and Ducklings
Park enterence - note "Follow Me" escort
River view

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